Increasing the efficiency of oil and gas production

Programs to improve the efficiency of oil and gas production and energy-saving technologies. Application of advanced technology and new technologies

The Company develops and implements program measures to increase the efficiency of production of profitable oil production by developing and implementing innovative technologies, optimizing the well stock and improving the field development system. The results of this work allowed Rosagronefteprodukt in recent years not only to stabilize, but also to increase the volume of oil production. 


ZAO Rosagronefteprodukt  is actively developing technologies for simultaneous-separate operation of two or more wellhead wells, which increase the efficiency of field development.

As of 01/01/2018, according to the ORD technology, the ORD / W in operation - 2,075 wells. The total additional production from wells ORD, ORD / Z since the beginning of operation of the facilities was 9575 thousand tons. The average increase in the oil production rate per well since the beginning of operation of the units was 4.2 tons per week. In 2017, the ORD, ORD / W installations were installed and operated at 409 wells. 

The ORZ technology has been introduced and operates on 787 injection wells, incl. in 2017 - at 66 wells. The additional oil production from the reacting production wells since the introduction was 2761.3 thousand tons. In operation there are 2862 ORD, ORD / W and ORZ installations, the accumulated additional production since the introduction of technology exceeded 17 million tons of oil.